Microcement coatings – All you need to know

Microcement coatings – All you need to know

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Microcement coating is a modern construction technique, suitable for both interior, as well as exterior spaces.

Architects and decorators increasingly prefer to utilise this technique because of its simple and minimalistic lines that provide an elegant and effortless character to any space.

Microcement coatings are readily found in Mediterranean architecture and design. Homes in the Cycladic islands make use of this technique, combining the traditional with the modern and creating stunning results, that stand the test of time.

Microcement coatings have the ability to be combined with a multitude of other natural materials like wood, glass and metal.

They can be found in many different shades and combinations. You can find your perfect shade in the ER-LAC color card.

ER-LAC protects any microcement coating surface with S-218 AQUA BOND

S-218 AQUA BOND by ER-LAC, is a matte finish, 2-component, water-based varnish for interior as well as exterior use. This product is ideal for any microcement coating. It stabilizes and protects the surfaces, while providing hardness and resilience to chemical reactions. S-218 AQUA BOND can be applied both in interior and exterior walls, floors and bathrooms. It protects the surface from knocks, stains and wear.

S-218 AQUA BOND is very easy to apply in thick layers and doesn’t bubble and provides the perfect finish for the surfaces for years to come, as it doesn’t yellow, scratch or fade.