Corporate social responsibility

For ER-LAC, corporate social responsibility is about the way a company is managed, produces work and behaves towards stakeholders (including society and the environment).

  • ER-LAC has always had the protection of the environment as a priority. The company actively takes part and supports environmental programs and has received multiple awards and certifications for its eco-friendly products.
  • ER-LAC is well known in the market for its business ethics and responsible operation.
  • The company supports local initiatives by providing materials and expertise for the renovation and safety of schools, hospitals, foundations etc. and the betterment of the lives of the people that need it most.
  • ER-LAC always strives to host a creative, safe and productive work environment for it’s staff. The company invests in its people’s growth and stands by them if they are ever in need. This is why we call ourselves as the “ER-LAC Family”!