ER-LAC manufactures products which have specific manufacturing requirements and in turn increased quality demands. For this reason the company implements the quality control system according to the requirements of the Certified Quality System ISO 9001-2008 which covers all its activities and sees to the observance of the law.

The main objective of ER-LAC is the complete satisfaction of the requirements of our customers and staff.

The management and staff believe in the principle of quality. They implement faithfully their quality control system and see to its constant improvement, selecting and defining the success rate of its activities and following up from time to time.

The Management is committed to ensure that there are the means (production machinery and latest quality controls) to operate correctly the Quality System, while giving emphasis to the training of its staff.

We sets targets on quality. These targets are monitored and updated so as to continuously improve the Quality Management System. The system is monitored and renewed in order to meet the needs of ER-LAC.