Welcome to ER-LAC‘s specialized area for building and construction professionals!

ER-LAC is always next to professionals, offering new technology and excellent quality reliable products, that withstand the test of time. The company offers products to cover the needs of a modern construction, from ecological paints and floor varnishes, to award-winning specialized materials. With ER-LAC, your customer satisfaction is guaranteed!


Strategic Partnerships

ER-LAC aims to provide high-quality products and services. For this reason, it chooses strategic partners and specialized points of sale with whom it maintains long-term relationships. It has also a technical support department with qualified engineers, specialized technicians, and professionals who offer expertise and immediate solutions.


Encyclopedia of Information

In the ERLACPEDIA section, our technicians have created an encyclopedia of information that will immediately cover most of your questions. You will also find more information in the Technical Specifications of our products as well as in the accompanying catalogs.


Free Technical Support

Our Technicians are immediately available on the service line 22950 22146 every day from 08:00 to 16:00 as well as via e-mail to answer questions from professionals or individuals. Our experienced technicians answer many questions every day and are always happy to serve you. From the smallest application to the entire project, we are by your side in whatever you need.


Continuous Training

Training is very important at ERLAC. Every year the Technical Department organizes Training Seminars where ERLAC employees, external partners, and technicians are trained. The trainings take place in the specially designed seminar room at our company’s facilities which can accommodate up to 120 people as well as in specially selected venues throughout Greece.

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