Discover the unique benefits offered to ER-LAC Partners

We consider our partners to be the pillars that ensure mutual economic growth. Together, we create lasting relationships built on trust, that always drive towards success!


TOP QUALITY, Multiple Sectors

Gain access to ER-LAC’s high quality, extensive product range. We provide the best quality products for multiple industries such as Construction, Marine-Shipping, furniture, auto refinishing as well as industrial paints and varnishes!

The extremely high level of expertise that characterizes ER-LAC’s scientific department, as well as the unparalleled quality of our product offerings, ensure the satisfaction of your customers, and help to create lasting relationships, built on trust.

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Marketing Support

As an ER-LAC partner you will enjoy direct contact and support from the company’s Marketing Department. Together, we will help you carve out the strategy that will work best for you and your needs and help promote your business!

Our expert staff is here to assist you design your retail space or change up your shelves, so that you can maximize sales.

ER-LAC provides its clients with the best and most affordable Co-Branding and Merchandising deals. We actively support the people that trust us.

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