Sustainable Development

ER-LAC invests heavily in its green development.

The scientific department of the company is comprised by specialized, expert chemists, chemical engineers, and technicians, who ensure that the company remains a pioneer in the sector, through continuous research of new, environmentally friendly raw materials and the development of new high technology products.

ER-LAC utilizes the latest and most modern laboratory equipment and machinery, works in tandem with International Research Labs, Certified Laboratories, and established Labs of large European Companies to further its never-changing goals for innovation and development.

The company offers an extensive range of exceptional quality eco-friendly products, takes part in programs like the “Water is Green”, which requires that a water-based product be designed to accompany any existing older products, and has received the highest ecological certifications (such as the “Daisy” by ASAOS in accordance with the Eco Labeling Council of EU etc.).

ER-LAC always strives and acts, in order to minimize the environmental impact of its operations and diminish the consumption of natural resources. The company lessens its energy consumption, used automated manufacturing procedures, and takes part in product as well as container recycling and re-use, significantly decreasing its carbon footprint.