Our People

Our People

ER-LAC has the well-being of each individual worker at its core and is aware that the most significant part of a company is the people that keep it running.

Our company’s policy is to provide the necessary infrastructure, suitable conditions, unceasing training and motives to inspire creativity and productivity in our work force.

The main component that leads to a company’s success is the productive and creative nature of its employees. We strive to cultivate those qualities in our employees through training, utilization of each person’s unique abilities and the expansion of their knowledge base, which is useful for them as well as for the company.



ER-LAC’s core belief is that to be able to completely satisfy client’s needs the company should be able to keep our staff satisfied first. Thus, we have carefully designed, the appropriate infrastructure for a productive and positive work environment in which our staff’s needs are fully catered for.

Some examples are:

  • Utilization of a modern management style, which includes direct and open communication between the company’s managing team and staff.
  • Continuous education on social, work, technical, safety, health and environment issues.
  • Constant evaluation of staff, rewards when proposals are made and future business planning in order to help the staff members reach the work position they aspired to have.
  • Medical examination program for the entirety of the staff, during work days and scheduled presence of a doctor on an established timetable.