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Plastic paint:

Plastic paint is a phrase that describes water-based paints and usually interior paints. Quality interior paints have excellent opacity, excellent whiteness (for whites only), accurate shade matching (for colored ones), ease of application and very good spreading, very good adhesion, and excellent resistance to brush washing. It is also usually matte or satin. Based on their composition and properties, plastic paints can also be certified as ecological paints, i.e., quality paints that are safer for the user and the environment.


Stucco is a product with a pulp consistency and low specific weight, which fills with one pass imperfections, holes, cracks, cracks and joints in plaster, wood, plasterboard, concrete without a layer thickness limit, offering a uniform, smooth and homogenized surface ready to paint with acrylic and plastic paints. A quality stucco is acrylic based, applied internally and externally, dries quickly, rubs easily, does not shrink, does not crack and due to its high cohesion, it withstands drilling and screwing.

Acrylic paint:

Acrylic paint describes water-based paints and more specifically based on acrylic resins for exterior use. Quality outdoor paints have excellent coverage, excellent whiteness (only for whites), accurate matching of shades (for colored ones), ease of application and very good spread, very good adhesion and excellent resistance to harsh weather conditions (does not create chalking, does not peel, does not break, does not change its color over time, does not create bubbles), has very good permeability to water and high resistance to alkalis.

Hybrid color:

Hybrids are new technology colors that combine the good properties of two different technologies, creating an excellent result. The combination aims to solve problems, which cannot be addressed by each technology separately. The difficulty of the project lies in the optimal combination of the different technologies, so that they complement each other and create a pioneering and innovative product, with excellent properties. DYNA-FLEX PU HYBRID ideally combines, with an innovative method, acrylic with polyurethane, creating a new technology spreadable elastomeric roof sealant. It offers higher protection in standing water and is easier to pass! Also, due to its high reflectivity, it contributes to saving energy, reducing the use of air conditioning.


The primer is a coating that is applied directly to the surface that we want to paint, before the application of the final color. The purpose of the primer is to penetrate the pores of the surface, insulate it, waterproof it and ensure strong adhesion and a uniform final color.

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