ER-LAC’s Breakthroughs

ER-LAC is the only Greek company which covers multiple sectors: Building-Construction, Furniture varnishing, Industrial paints and Car refinishing products.

ER-LAC is one of the first companies worldwide which replaced chemical solvent paints with water-soluble ones and evolved eco-friendly paints for indoor and outdoor use.

ER-LAC is the only company which has created water-soluble, eco-friendly floor varnishes.

ER-LAC is the first Greek company, which introduced color dispensing machines in stores, which enabled the customer to choose between a vast number of colors, thus changing the way paints were sold in Greece.

ER-LAC is the only Greek company in the last 20 years which doesn’t import any of it’s pigments but makes it from scratch, which makes the company independent and gives us a strong advantage against the competition, as we set new, unbeatable standards for quality in our coloring systems.