Achieving Superior Finish: ER-LAC’s S-86 Marine Primer and Top Coat System for Painting Polyester Surfaces on Ship Hulls

Achieving Superior Finish: ER-LAC’s S-86 Marine Primer and Top Coat System for Painting Polyester Surfaces on Ship Hulls

Painting ship hulls, especially polyester surfaces, requires a reliable and effective system that ensures excellent adhesion, protection, and aesthetic appeal. ER-LAC presents a comprehensive solution with our S-86 Undercoat and Top Coat system. In this article, we will explore the benefits and features of both the S-86 Undercoat and the S-86 Marine Top Coat, highlighting how their combined use creates a long-lasting, high-quality finish on ship hulls.


S-86 Undercoat: Enhancing Adhesion and Protection

The S-86 Undercoat is a two-component undercoat designed specifically for the pretreatment of wooden and polyester surfaces before applying the final two-component paint. This primer serves as the foundation for the coating system, offering the following benefits:


Excellent Adhesion: The S-86 Undercoat ensures superior adhesion to both wooden and polyester surfaces, providing a strong bond between the substrate and the top coat. This promotes long-lasting durability and helps prevent paint delamination.


Enhanced Protection: With its robust formulation, the S-86 Undercoat offers reliable protection for both indoor and outdoor polyester surfaces. It acts as a barrier against moisture, UV radiation, and other environmental factors that could potentially damage the ship hull.


Easy Application: The primer fills easily, dries quickly, and can be sanded easily, allowing for a smooth and even surface preparation. This facilitates the subsequent application of the top coat and contributes to the overall efficiency of the painting process.


S-86 Marine Top Coat: Aesthetics and Longevity

The S-86 Marine Top Coat is a two-component yacht top coat with UV filters, specifically formulated to provide an exceptional finish on wood, metal, polyester, and carbon yacht surfaces. When used in combination with the S-86 Marine Primer, it offers the following advantages:


Long-Lasting Protection: The S-86 Marine Top Coat ensures long-lasting protection, preserving the painted surface from harsh weather conditions, high moisture, and sea salt. Its excellent durability and resistance make it ideal for ship hulls exposed to challenging marine environments.


Aesthetic Appeal: Available in white high-gloss and satin, as well as a variety of shades through ER-LAC’s industrial colorants system, the S-86 Marine Top Coat allows for customization, ensuring a visually pleasing finish that enhances the vessel’s appearance.


Versatile Application: The S-86 Marine Top Coat exhibits excellent rheological and self-leveling properties, making it suitable for application with both brush and spray gun techniques. Its versatility provides flexibility to painters and ensures a smooth, uniform, and filled surface, resembling a mirror-like finish.


For ship hull painting projects involving polyester surfaces, ER-LAC’s S-86 Undercoat and Top Coat system is a reliable choice. The S-86 Undercoat establishes a strong foundation, promoting excellent adhesion and long-lasting protection. Combined with the S-86 Marine Top Coat, this system offers an aesthetically pleasing finish that withstands challenging marine conditions.


With its exceptional properties such as UV protection, non-yellowing formula, gloss retention, and resistance to abrasion and chemicals, the S-86 Marine Top Coat provides years of durability and maintains its visual appeal. Whether used on wood, metal, polyester, or carbon yacht surfaces, this system ensures a high-quality and long-lasting result. Choose ER-LAC’s S-86 Marine Primer and Top Coat system for your ship hull painting needs, and achieve superior finish and protection for your vessel.