How to combine the color of the year!

How to combine the color of the year!

How to combine the color of the year!

ER-LAC recently announced the color of the year for 2023! W8-P Timeless White, can be combined with a plethora of daring and rich shades, as it acts as the perfect canvas for them to shine!

Below, you will find some amazing combinations that ER-LAC’s design team suggests, which showcase the beauty of the color of the year.

Express yourself with color contrasts

Timeless White is a creamy, warm tone that reflects light beautifully. With a shade as calm as this we are given the opportunity to express ourselves and instill a unique character in our space, through the addition of more dramatic, richer tones. Deep shades of blue and green, such as R66-T Deep Ocean, or R60-T Green Joy provide an air of modernity and create a very interesting a contemporary finish.

Showcase your favorite works of art

The color of the year for 2023, helps you showcase your beloved artwork, as it acts like the perfect canvas! The bright and serene Timeless White provides a feeling of freshness to your spaces and doesn’t cause eye fatigue even if combined with intense and colorful artwork. Now your home can remind you of your favorite art gallery!

Create your personal oasis

Psychologists recommend we utilize softer shades for the rooms we use to get our much-needed rest. Timeless White, when combined with warm tones, such as B43-P Summer Tan, or B42-T Peanut butter, creates a feeling of peace and tranquility, ideal for your bedroom!

The Color of the Year, W8-P Timeless White, is a soft completely neutral shade with a touch of warmth. It is fantastically combined with any color or style, thus its timeless character. 2023 is the year to experiment and create, and Timeless White is the right vehicle to achieve it.