The color of the year is the best shade for any child’s bedroom!

The color of the year is the best shade for any child’s bedroom!

The color of the year is the best shade for any child’s bedroom!

The Color of the Year for 2023 is W8-P Timeless White. Timeless White is a soft completely neutral shade with a touch of warmth. It creates a welcoming atmosphere and offers a sense of calm and relaxation. It is fantastically combined with any color or style, thus its timeless character.


Timeless White is an ideal choice for the child’s bedroom. Light colored walls are the safest option as you can create a single space for one or more children of different genders or ages. Timeless White can be utilized to visually enlarge a small room or to create a light, airy and welcoming nursery.  White is a symbol of peace and purity,it is often used in children’s rooms and psychologists claim that white interiors are especially calming, so your child will feel as relaxed and safe as possible in their bedroom.

Even with the use of a shade, as beautiful as Timeless White there is the danger of creating a very plain and sterile-looking room. This is easily avoidable with these two simple tricks!

1) Add a feature wall to the space

Select a more vibrant shade to complement your base shade. A small wall of the room or a corner can be used for this. A feature wall creates visual interest in the space, without robbing it of its serenity!

2) Decorate the space with natural materials

Another key tip would be to utilize natural materials and textures in your kid’s room. Soft woods in both furniture and toys, cotton blankets, linen curtains can do a lot to elevate the space and instill a premium feel.

Timeless White is a shade that reflects light, visually expands the space, balances bright colors and makes them more positive. It is the perfect choice for small or narrow rooms that lack natural light.

Is Timeless White the perfect shade for your kid’s bedroom?

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