Do odorless paints actually exist?

Do odorless paints actually exist?

Do odorless paints actually exist?

Have you ever wondered if odorless paints actually exist? We are talking about paints that allow you to sleep in your own bed on the same night the room is painted. In this article you will find out what makes paint smell and if you can find odorless paints for your home.

Wall paints are comprised of:

  1. Pigments, that provide the tone and coverability,
  2. Binding ingredients, known as resins,
  3. The main solvent, which is water and
  4. A few more additives that protect the paint and provide additional properties.

Usually, paints produce an unpleasant smell, because all of the above mentioned ingredients, except for water, include organic and other chemical compounds that emit their owncharacteristic odor. During application, these compounds evaporate and release their odor. Thus, the odor is dependent on the amount and quality of the ingredients used. By utilizing specialized and high-quality raw materials and minimizing those that produce odors we can in fact, develop odorless paints.

The important question is: Has someone managed to develop odorless paints for walls, in an unlimited shade selection, that dry fast, are washable, resist rubbing, are long wearing, while also being easy to apply and provide excellent coverage?

The answer is a resounding YES! ER-LAC offers not one but two cutting-edge product offerings: ER-PLAST ECO and SMART PLAST ECO! These odorless paints have been in the market for more than a decade and have proven their claims time and time again. These products are completely odorless, have minimal, almost imperceptible VOC and formaldehyde emissions while caring for the environment and the user. They are certified ecological paints that retain all characteristics we all need from a great wall paint!

With these products you will be able to sleep in your bet the same night it gets painted!

The entire process will take less than 6 hours. You will need about 2 hours to prepare the space and paint all the walls. After that, make sure to aerate the space by opening the windows and let the paint dry. Better air circulation will help the paint dry much quicker. Also, good, sunny weather conditions assist the drying process. In less than 6 hours you will have completed the whole process!

Try the odorless paints by ER-LAC and you will be amazed by the results!

Happy painting!