Cracking – Peeling

Cracking – Peeling


Initially it starts with small cracks, even invisible to the naked eye, which do not penetrate the total depth of the coating (Checking). If the phenomenon is not addressed it will lead to cracking, where the cracks extend to the substrate and then to peeling.


  • Insufficient cleaning of the surface.
  • Not applying a primer when it was necessary.
  • Aging or prolonged exposure of paint to bad weather conditions.
  • Very thin or too thick layer.
  • Excessive thinning of the paint.
  • Use of low-quality paint, which has insufficient internal cohesion, adhesion and elasticity, due to an incomplete paint recipe.
  • Abrupt changes in temperature that cause spasms or extreme temperatures.


  • Scrape and rub the surface.
  • Remove all loose parts from the surface so that the surface is dry and clean.
  • In places where the color has been completely removed, apply the appropriate primer and then the final color of ER-LAC you have chosen.