Cracking paint that takes a similar form to that of mud when it dries and cracks. It is noticed as soon as the paint components start to evaporate from the surface.


  • Application of the coating in a large thickness, to cover a porous surface
  • Use of low quality paint and application in a large thickness to achieve the desired coverage
  • The build-up of color in the corners during application


When the above phenomenon occurs, the paint has now lost its consistency and must be removed.

  • Scrape the surface and leave it dry and clean.
  • Apply one of ER-LAC’s primers and then apply your chosen ER-LAC high technology final coating.

ER-LAC’s high-quality final paints have a high covering capacity, thus reducing the tendency to apply thicker layers, while they also contain a high percentage of solids, which reduces the tendency for the paint to crack.