Black or brown marks that appear on the surface.


  • Appears in places with high humidity
  • Repainting a surface that was already damp
  • Use of poor quality paint
  • The surface was not primed before applying the paint


First check if what you’ve spotted is mold by applying a few drops of household bleach to the wall. If the brown and black marks disappear then it is mold.

  • After wearing protective goggles and gloves, remove mold by wet scrubbing the surface, using a diluted solution of household bleach (one part bleach : three parts water).
  • After finishing, rinse with plenty of water.
  • When the surface is dry apply the appropriate primer and then two coats of ER-LAC’s high quality paint.

With the above procedure, the effect caused by moisture on the wall is treated. However, if the cause of the problem is not eliminated, the mold is likely to return to the wall.