Foaming – Cratering

Foaming – Cratering


During the application of the paint, bubbles are created which burst when drying and leave small round craters.


  • Excessive mixing of the paint
  • Use of low quality paint
  • Very fast application with the roller or brush
  • Using very old paint


  • Do not use very old paints.
  • When applying avoid strong and very fast application.
  • If you notice the appearance of craters during painting, remove them while the surface is still wet.
  • After drying, the repair requires removal of the paint and repainting.
  • If applying gloss or satin paint to a porous surface, apply a suitable primer first and then apply the paint carefully.

Paint foaming during application is a common occurrence as it directly depends on the method of application, however ER-LAC’s high quality paints are properly formulated so that the bubbles break while the paint is still wet, leaving a smooth and even surface.